Discover Top Makeup Artists and Hair Professionals in Athens Riviera for Your Wedding Day Glam

Your wedding day is a canvas for elegance and beauty, and finding the perfect makeup artist and hair professional is essential for that flawless bridal look. Here are some of Athens Riviera's most talented experts who can transform your vision into reality:

Make Up Artist Hair Experta Mua Beauty Tonia And Theodore Athens Riviera

Professionals Skilled in Both Makeup and Hair Styling

Vassia Papakonstantinou


Renowned for her artistry, Vassia Papakonstantinou brings a blend of sophistication and trendsetting styles in both makeup and hair. Her attention to detail ensures a bridal glow that's both timeless and contemporary.

Chryssa Pitskou


Chryssa Pitskou is an expert in crafting both exquisite hairstyles and makeup looks. Her expertise lies in creating romantic, ethereal styles that complement diverse wedding themes and personal preferences.

Sorelle Beauty Team


The Sorelle Beauty Team brings together a collective of professionals known for their versatility in both makeup and hair styling. They specialize in enhancing natural beauty while curating looks that align perfectly with each bride's unique style.

Make Up Artist Hair Experta Mua Beauty Tonia And Theodore Athens Riviera

Make Up Artists

Demi Zerva


Demi Zerva's artistry encompasses elegance and sophistication. Her makeup styles range from minimalist chic to bold statement looks, tailored to the bride's personality.

Lena Christaki


Lena Christaki's expertise lies in creating radiant, flawless bridal looks. Her attention to detail ensures that each bride feels confidently beautiful on her special day.

Elena Roussaki


Elena Roussaki's makeup artistry is known for its elegance and finesse. Her signature style accentuates natural beauty, providing brides with a timeless and polished look.

Olivia Sachinidou


Olivia Sachinidou specializes in creating glamorous and enchanting makeup styles. Her expertise lies in crafting looks that radiate confidence and allure.

Theano Vardaka


Theano Vardaka is celebrated for her creativity in makeup artistry. Her versatile style ranges from classic elegance to contemporary chic, ensuring a perfect match for every bride.

Make Up Artist Hair Experta Mua Beauty Tonia And Theodore Athens Riviera

Hair Experts

Eleni Barbagiorgi


Eleni Barbagiorgi specializes in creating stunning bridal hairstyles. Her expertise lies in crafting unique, romantic looks that perfectly complement various wedding themes.

Stefanos Kessatis


Stefanos Kessatis is known for his artistry in hairstyling. His creativity and skill transform hair into breathtaking styles, capturing the essence of each bride's vision.

Evi Patsiatzi


Evi Patsiatzi specializes in crafting elegant and sophisticated bridal hairstyles. Her creativity and attention to detail ensure that each bride's hair perfectly complements her overall look.

Marianna Lavazou


About: Marianna Lavazou's expertise lies in creating stunning and timeless bridal hairstyles. Her dedication to perfection ensures that each bride feels radiant on her special day.

Make Up Artist Hair Experta Mua Beauty Tonia And Theodore Athens Riviera

Explore these talented makeup artists and hair professionals in Athens Riviera to bring your dream wedding look to life! Connect with them and more experts on our Connect Page, and let's make your special day even more memorable!